The Syrian Feminist Lobby

The Syrian Feminist Lobby was launched on Tuesday 15th of July 2014 in Istanbul by Syrian women’s rights and political activists from different political backgrounds in order to strengthen the participation of Syrian women in political decision making that influences the future of their country. The Syrian Feminist Lobby was established as a result of diverse meetings, intensive discussions and deliberations.
The Lobby is an independent, non-party political lobby group committed to equal participation of women and men in all political decision making processes concerning the future of Syria at all levels. It believes that democracy cannot be built without respect and full implementation of women’s rights as universal human rights, and the principles of equality between women and men in public and private sphere.
Currently, the lobby has over 56 member, which include women politicians, activists, journalists and specialists in various fields, working from most Syrian territories and other countries around the world.

Our vision

The vision of the Syrian Feminist Lobby is that Syria is a democratic pluralistic civil State, committed to the universal human rights of women and men and to a Syrian society free from discrimination based on ethnicity, sex, class, or religion, wherein the principles of social justice and full equality between women and men are achieved and women and men participate on equal footage in making decisions for their lives and for the future of their country.


The main objective of the Syrian Feminist Lobby is to mobilize and lobby the democratic opposition for equal participation and role of women in political decision making in all fields and at all levels and for putting women’s rights and gender equality as a priority on their national agendas for the building and determining the future of a new Syria.


The Lobby will achieve its objectives through four major types of actions:

  • Advocacy, lobbying and participation in formal negotiations, national and international actions providing based on the political situation in Syria from a gender perspective.
  • Providing gender based analyses, consultancy and conducting studies and researches on women’s rights, political participation and legislative frameworks.
  • Disseminating information on the marginalized position of women that hinders their participation in the political decision-making shaping their socio-economic life.